We develop our activities in the most active tourist area of the interior of Galicia, La Ribeira Sacra, mainly in the Canyon of Sil

Galicia which is located in Spain is a place adventure. A perfect place for everyone! Tourism in Galicia has been active gradually. It has the largest offer of adventure sports. The places of La Ribeira, Sacra mainly in the Canyon of Sil, are the pride of Galicia, where in most tourists go to. Galicia had developed and proposed various ways which are adaptable for everyone to explore and enjoy. Enjoy the fascinating and wonderful natural environment of Galicia!

Activities that you should not miss when visiting Galicia: horse riding, canoeing by the Cañon del Sil, boat cruises in the Canon del Sil, trekking, quads, rafting, bungee jumping, paintball and mountain biking.

Galicia offers rural tourism too. We can see definitely its growth in tourism since it reached even to rural areas. In fact, the facilities of Galitur Sport, three rural houses , are in Parada do Sil, Ourense, in the central section of the Sil Canyon and in the middle of Ribeira Sacra. These make it an ideal lodging option for travelers who come to know and visit Galicia. Moreover, the place is so rich in landscapes and historical monuments, without neglecting the gastronomy and tranquility.

There is no worry for multi-adventure because Galicia prioritizes all kinds of services. There are multi-adventure  packages available such as accommodation packages and tourism activities at special prices and weekly and weekend programs. Furthermore, we designed special programs of adventure and active tourism for companies, schools, groups and bachelor parties.

For additional information, do not be surprised not to see not much Cathedrals (though there are few) since nobility or churches have not played a significant role in the place.