We develop our activities in the most active tourist area of the interior of Galicia, La Ribeira Sacra, mainly in the Canyon of Sil


Introducing Galicia: A land full of rich history

Have you visited Spain? How much do you know about this place? Have you been to Galicia? It is part of the country of Spain that contains many rich beautiful places that many failed to see its beauty if they did not include it on their travel list. This beautiful place is a must see […]

Looking into responsible tourism and the tourist

No one can live on her own without the help of anyone or anything. The earth have given us much resources and that we can also enjoy life by giving us natural sceneries that are very beautiful and worthy to travel and visit. If you love travelling then you may know much about the places […]

Spain introduction: 10 Fun facts about Spain

Spain is very popular country and it is known for many things. Many travelers choose to visit Spain. What makes it a top tourist’s destination? In the video, you will know some facts about Spain although they are not the main reason that makes Spain a top destination for tourists. There is so much that […]

Spain During the Conquest Era

Spain is one of the most powerful country from 15-17th century. They had been making a colony in the past and they had been in a powerful state. They had a very vast empire ranging from the North America, South America, Africa and South East Asia. They had been expanding their territory by means of […]

Roman Catholic as the Official Religion

The official religion in Spain is Roman Catholic. Where did they get this religion? Of course from Rome. When the Roman Empire was also developing as a strong nation, they also have spread the Catholicism to their neighboring countries and this is how Spain was colonized by the religion. The Spain then become a Catholic […]

Spain top 10 famous tourists destinations

The tourist destinations are very important to places that depend on tourism for their revenue. A country can survive by the tourism industry if they are wise enough to manage them. One of the top advantage that tourism can bring into the place where tourism is famous is the generation of jobs. Many kinds or […]

The amazing benefits of traveling abroad

One of the dreams of many people is to be able to travel abroad. Many of us think that the situation we are in and the place that we live in is not the best place in the earth. We want to travel to explore and see a different thing that we can be able […]

Tourism 101: Introduction and types of tourism

Tourism is one of the lifeblood of a place that is considered as a tourist spot. The European continent poses a huge profit on tourism industry. Other countries have agriculture or natural resources as their main lifeblood. Those who are involved in tourism have a more relaxed environment but also those who have natural resources can have much benefit. Anyway, the […]

Overview on tourism: What is sustainable tourism?

Tourism is one of the topics that cannot disappear on the internet like in the social media and the video channels. Tourism is one of the wishes of people so they are very happy to share their moments and also adventures about their travel in the social media and other channels. They can create blogs […]

Looking into two sides of tourism: positive and negative effect

It is already a fact that there is a disadvantage and also an advantage in everything. Events happen that gives great advantage but it can also give a little discomfort. Nothing is perfect in this world we live in. This is not just a theory as it applies to real life like tourism. Tourism has […]