We develop our activities in the most active tourist area of the interior of Galicia, La Ribeira Sacra, mainly in the Canyon of Sil

Tour and Fun

There is always fun in visiting many places. Galicia in the Northern Spain is cool and rich for its amazing places where people flock into. Seeing Galicia, we can not help but to think how beautiful this world is. When there is no pollution, destruction or ruin in the city, the place will be the most beautiful place in Spain until the end. Galicia is actively carrying out the tourism industry and this is the source of the economy of the city. The most amazing is that Galicia has a distinct culture from the center of Spain or from the general culture in Spain.

The Sil Canyon is the most beautiful view that a person can visit in his entire life. It can not be compared with other people beautiful tourist spot. Viewing this, you will really be amazed with how the river and mountains come to be always singing together.

The Santiago de Compostela Cathedral is one of the most visited places in Galicia. This Cathedral is full of history, culture and traditions of many people. This is why lots of people stream there and see the secret in Galicia’s lifestyle and behavior.

Rias Baixas is known for its beaches, light houses and cute cottages. In this place, people would welcome you with their food, drinks like wine and many more. This is why this place is warm.

Fragas do Eume is known for its wildlife park and green forest. Hiking is best in this place. You can feel the nature’s aroma and take in fresh air that would make you feel cool all the time you are staying there.