We develop our activities in the most active tourist area of the interior of Galicia, La Ribeira Sacra, mainly in the Canyon of Sil

Looking into responsible tourism and the tourist

No one can live on her own without the help of anyone or anything. The earth have given us much resources and that we can also enjoy life by giving us natural sceneries that are very beautiful and worthy to travel and visit. If you love travelling then you may know much about the places where you have been. Traveling is a great experience and you can be able to have a different understanding of things. But you should also by this time realize that you should be a responsible tourist.

What does it mean to be a responsible tourist? If you visit a place, you should know that it is not yours and it is not your home so you must respect and have some care about it. An illustration is that a painting says does not touch but you still do. Paintings have some sensitivity so they should not be touched; otherwise, the quality will be degraded that is why the sign not to touch is posted see this site To be a responsible tourist is to follow that instruction.

In the video, it presents issues and information regarding tourism..When done with the video and article you can also check out  for more interesting information and knowledge that you can use maybe in the future or in the work or home.