We develop our activities in the most active tourist area of the interior of Galicia, La Ribeira Sacra, mainly in the Canyon of Sil

Overview on tourism: What is sustainable tourism?

Tourism is one of the topics that cannot disappear on the internet like in the social media and the video channels. Tourism is one of the wishes of people so they are very happy to share their moments and also adventures about their travel in the social media and other channels. They can create blogs or vlogs. They can be very creative and they spend time editing and it can look like it is done by a pro. Their memories are the rewards they got when they travel.

Even if it is an industry that provides many opportunities, there are some issues that also surround it that makes it appear to be negative. When you look at the effects of tourism to the locals and to the tourist’s attractions, you cannot help but react. Places of attractions can be degraded and locals do not receive the benefits they should have as an effect of the tourism. That is why sustainable tourism was introduced to let the tourists be aware of what is the effect of what they are doing to the environment.

If you watch the video, it was explained more about sustainable tourism. The community and tourists and the government should work together for the success of this initiative. If you can look at this website you can also get a glimpse of the manmade design that is worthy to be remembered and appreciated. The world of today’s generation only depends in technology. That is why many businesses are also using this opportunity to promote their business online by using┬áSEO.┬áThis is strategy online is commonly known as search engine optimization wherein you will engage into the digital world for your business.