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Spain During the Conquest Era

Spain is one of the most powerful country from 15-17th century. They had been making a colony in the past and they had been in a powerful state. They had a very vast empire ranging from the North America, South America, Africa and South East Asia. They had been expanding their territory by means of religion and by means of religion. This is why in every country or nation they went into, they introduced ‘Christianity’ as a religion that they must adapt.

During the conquest era, they have killed millions and millions of people around the world. This is how they got a fame from all people around the world. However, it is impossible to conquer without hurting someone. This is why many people were murdered like a pig. How dreadful were those days. People are not pleases seeing the things that had already happened in the past. Spain did many devilish act in any colony that they had conquered. However, all of these were forgotten. They were forgiven by the victims.

Even when they were not followed, they killed people, they exploited the wealth of the nations and they made people poor because they got all their belongings and committed crime against people. This is not different from the Holocaust that the Germans executed. The feeling of being burned to ashes and cut into pieces. All of these they had done and they say that they spread ‘Christianity’. Is this really ‘Christianity’?