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Spain introduction: 10 Fun facts about Spain

Spain is very popular country and it is known for many things. Many travelers choose to visit Spain. What makes it a top tourist’s destination? In the video, you will know some facts about Spain although they are not the main reason that makes Spain a top destination for tourists. There is so much that you can do while in Spain and the food also is very good. You should try it when you will visit here. This country is full of surprises and that you will not be bored on your vacation here.

If you see in the video, they presented some of the facts that numbers to ten. One of the facts presented is that the revenue gained by the nation in the year 2006 from tourism is $51 billion. It is such a big industry and no wonder that it supports the country much in regard to their economy click this site It helps to continually maintain jobs and to allow for others who want to join in the business to also do as they can see many do it.

What is known also about this country is their love for festivals. They have many that are held all year round. Schedule your visit in one of the festivals so you can join also. One of the employees has already been to one of the festivals as his visit with his family last year.