We develop our activities in the most active tourist area of the interior of Galicia, La Ribeira Sacra, mainly in the Canyon of Sil

Things to Know

In history, Galicia is part of the Celtic nation so they could have been influenced by the culture of the nations. However, their culture has many differences from that of the rest. Even in Spain, Galicia has an isolated culture.

They have their own festivals, dances, music, dressing styles and many more.

The Traditional dress is similar with other Celtic nations. However, there is a little bit change of the dress that they wear in this time.

The feasts in Galicia have an influence from the religion. So they celebrate feasts for the saints and for the church. However, not all feasts that they celebrate comes form religion because there are traditional feasts descended form the Celtic nations.

Food is also very important in their culture. In fact, Galician cuisine is what most people like to follow in Spain. The most common dish in Galician food is seafoods like lobsters, shrimps and so on.

Religion plays a very important role in the lifestyle of Galicians.The religion in Spain is plainly Roman Catholic.  Being religious is considered a virtue in the region. However, we can see that women are more religious than men. Frankly, this is the state of all people around the world.

The language Spanish and there are some words that are different form the rest of the Spanish country.

Sports is ever loved in Galicia.The most popular sports that they have is football. They play in school and any playground.

Economy in Galicia is very poor. Actually, this is the poorest region in Spain.